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What to do in an emergency
If you have an emergency Turn off all electrical breakers.
Broken electrical devices such as switches, outlets, extension cords can cause severe injury - even death.
Electrical Fires can smell like burning plastic, burning hair or burning wood. If you suspect you have an electrical fire - turn of all electric breakers at the main panel. If you see smoke consider if you need to call 911.
JEH Electric can repair damage caused by electrical fires.
Shock hazards can be invisible. You may want to protect your home for small children, people with special needs, animals, or any reason. Electrical safety will pay for itself.
JEH Electric can provide shock and tamper resistant electrical outlets, switches, circuits etc...
Maintaining your electrical system is a high priority at JEH Electric. Electrical hazards can seem invisible to the un-trained eye, this is why it is important to hire California state licensed contractors. Check a contractors license status
Arc fault circuits (afci), Groung fault circuits (gfci) are examples of modern building codes that are saving lives every day.
Call JEH Electric today for more information. (619) 249-2849